Cosmofin waterproofing membrane system was recently utilised in a unique application involving retaining walls below the water table.

Located on Fraters Ave in Sans Souci NSW, the construction project required waterproofing for their retaining walls; the blocks were placed up to a metre below the high water mark, leading to water penetration in the basement and garage.

Once the retaining walls were successfully completed with the Cosmofin waterproofing membrane system, the builder decided to use the same waterproofing solution in all other critical areas such as the planter boxes and podium deck.

A product from the Wolfin waterproofing stable, Cosmofin waterproofing membrane system is not affected by saltwater exposure. The membrane system is also certified resistant to roots, plantings and soil in garden beds.

The Cosmofin waterproofing membrane system is available in Australia from Projex Group.