The engineering design teams at RailCorp and Leighton Holdings specified the Wolfin membrane system to solve a waterproofing problem in RailCorp’s Sydney freight rail infrastructure.

Andersal Engineering, a licensed Wolfin applicator installed the Wolfin membrane system for Leighton into the culvert at Cox’s Creek. The culvert sits directly in the soft, wet earth of the creek bed with its entire surface area exposed to moisture. The culvert’s reinforcing steelwork could not be encased in concrete, therefore requiring an alternative solution for sufficient water protection to prevent moisture from the damp earth seeping into the concrete and penetrating the steelwork, leading to rusting, spalling and structural problems.

With a view to providing a reliable and long-lasting waterproofing solution for the culvert’s steelwork, Andersal Engineering installed Wolfin and Cosmofin membranes from Projex Group to the underside of the slab. Once the watertight structure was secured, the project was ready for freight trains to roll.

Projex Group  is an Australian company specialising in providing technical solutions for the waterproofing and engineering industries.