Projex Group will present the new Strailastic range of sound and vibration attenuation systems at the upcoming AusRAIL 2016 Conference and Exhibition in Adelaide next month.

Introduced in Australia for the first time, the Strailastic range is made for Australian conditions and suits most rail systems. Designed to reduce noise and vibration emitted from railway tracks, the Strailastic high performance systems are durable, cost-effective, environmentally compliant and easy to install.

Projex Group will present rail dampers, noise reduction panels, sound reduction panels and embedded systems for light rail from the Strailastic range at the AusRAIL 2016 exhibition.

Strailastic_A INOX rail dampers can be installed in live operational conditions. The maintenance-free system offers possible noise reduction up to 7dB(A).

Strailastic_IP Infill Panel is a noise reduction panel with a high noise attenuating face. The lightweight (62.2kg/m²) panels can also be used to place advertising.          

Strailastic_Mini Panel is a sound reduction panel that is fixed to sleepers and reduces wheel-to-rail emission noise.          

Strailastic_GRS is an embedded system for light rail systems that overcomes uneven difficult substrates and speeds up installation and construction.

Image: (From top left - clockwise): Strailastic_A INOX, Strailastic_IP Infill Panel, Strailastic_Mini Panels, Strailastic_GRS