The Wolfin waterproofing system available from the Projex Group was installed at a new residential project at Sydney’s Parsley Bay to make the structure completely waterproof.  

David Gray, the architect designed a beautiful waterfront house at Sydney’s Parsley Bay to take advantage of the Parsley Bay frontage without overpowering it in any way.  

The proximity of the house to the water and the elegant finishes raised concerns about seepage and exposure. The builders and architects decided to make the structure completely waterproof and specified the Wolfin System for the major waterproofing components of the house.  

Wolfin waterproofing membranes were installed on the roof deck, planters, garage floor, cavity flashings and all the balconies.  

Wolfin’s stainless steel profile system was used rather than the normal Wolfin galvanised steel because of the proximity of the house to the water.  

The building work was carried out by M.J. (Michael) Walsh who has extensive experience in building upmarket houses. Michael Walsh has used Wolfin waterproofing systems on a number of projects to date.  

The Wolfin installation was carried out by George Haramis and his crew.  

G Haramis Waterproofing are experienced and licensed Wolfin applicators, and Wolfin Membranes Australia was able to issue a combined labour and materials warranty on the waterproofing.