Projex Group announces that the Model ‘T’ Link-Seal series has just attained a two-hour fire rating according to Australian Standard 1530.4 and 4072. 

Composed of a high temperature silicone rubber block with specially designed carbon steel pressure plates and nut and bolt assemblies, Model ‘T’ Link-Seal, a modular seal system is mainly used when a fire rating is required in buildings, fuel and oil bunds, water tanks, etc. The Model ‘T’ Link-Seal can seal pipe penetrations through concrete structures and provides protection against flames, smoke, noise, gases and water, even when exposed to extreme temperatures. 

The testing and certification method

The testing assembly is comprised of a two-metre long section of 275mm diameter steel pipe with 10mm thick wall penetrating through a core hole in a 200mm thick precast concrete block. The pipe penetrated 500mm into the furnace from the block and was blanked off with a welded steel end plate, which was 300mm x 300mm x 6mm thick on the fire side. The model ‘T’ Link-Seal modular seal system was installed in the annular space between the steel pipe and the penetration through the concrete. The tested Model ‘T’ Link-Seal maintained integrity performance for 132 minutes without the formation of gaps or fissures.

Exova Warrington fire issued the two-hour fire-rating certificate of the Model ‘T’ Link-Seal on the 3rd of September 2013.

Jim Kornmehl, director of Projex Group explains that the 2-hour fire proof certification showcases the quality and efficiency of the Model ‘T’ Link-Seal, and also adds great value to their Link-Seal product range. He adds that all engineers and project managers can now confidently specify the Model ‘T’ Link-Seal when it comes to seal pipe penetrations within scenarios of extreme temperatures.