A brand new 2-storey house at Dover Heights has been fitted with Wolfin waterproofing membranes for a long term protective solution against water penetration.

The builder, Habitat Horizons, selected Wolfin Waterproofing Solution, because of its reputation and reliability - the Wolfin Membrane System has waterproofed over 2000 projects in and around Australia over the last 20 years.

Crest Waterproofing, a fully licensed Wolfin applicator, installed the Wolfin GWSK waterproofing membranes to the roofdeck of this house. As a bonded membrane and UV stable solution, the Wolfin GWSK can be left exposed as a finish.

Due to the house’s close proximity to the ocean, Stainless Steel Wolfinsteel P6 was fitted to terminate the membrane over the parapet edge as a capping detail. The owners selected a 5mm Shockmat and washed river pebbles finish.

More information on the Wolfin waterproofing membrane is available from its Australian supplier, Projex Group .