Available from Projex Group , Link-Seal Century Line pipe penetration sleeves are manufactured from impact resistant and non-conductive HDPE. They are lightweight enough to be handled and installed by just one construction worker, helping to save on time and costs.

Century Line pipe penetration sleeves are used to form circular sleeved holes in poured concrete barriers such as ceilings, floors, walls, and structural supports. They can be supplied in a range of 16 diameters from 2 inches to 25 inches in 16 inch lengths as standard; however, they can also be fabricated according to customer specification.
The impact resistant HDPE also provides excellent resistance to acids, alkalis and other organic solvents and will not rust, corrode or degrade. The outside of the pipe penetration sleeve is also has a textured finish to ensure a better bond.

Engineered to mate with Link-Seal modular mechanical seals, Century Line penetration sleeves seal the annular space between pipes and concrete barriers through which they pass, providing leak proof performance. The water stop collar also acts like an expansion joint and can adjust up to half an inch to match the thickness of the wall, creating a prevailing tension that keeps the sleeve in place.

Century Line pipe penetration sleeves can also be used for shotcrete applications and can be positioned to wall form with threaded rod. The end caps are specially designed to protect the sleeve penetration while the wall is formed, keeping its circular configuration. These end caps will also prevent wet concrete and dirt from entering the sleeve.