Pressalit announces a new range of toilet seats featuring an integrated soft close as well as an institutional hinge for enhanced strength.

Based in a small town Ry in Denmark, design company Pressalit, which is best known as the manufacturer of toilet seats, now introduces the Projecta Solid Pro.

The new Projecta Solid Pro features an elegant design by Pressalit's award-winning in-house designer Lars Herold whose consistent lines make the seat and hinges blend seamlessly into one aesthetic whole.

"We are the first to give the project market a solution with integrated soft close. The Solid Pro hinge ensures maximum stability and can withstand the hard wear and tear that toilets in the project market face. At the same time, we have designed a seat that, in conjunction with the hinge, represents an aesthetic whole," explains owner and CEO, Kim Boyter.

Key design features of the Pressalit Projecta Solid Pro toilet seats include a slim profile consisting of dynamic curves in a harmonious look; S-shaped dip along the back edge providing a sophisticated peek at the silk-matt aluminium pipe featuring an anodised surface resistant to the effects of chemical and mechanical impact; overall shape ensuring easy cleaning and reducing the risk of theft; hinges able to withstand the frequent and heavy load typical of the project market; and reinforced hinges and screws in matt grey to match the pipe's surface.

Both the toilet seat and fitting have been subjected to detailed strength tests in Pressalit's own test laboratory as well as in user tests at institutions where intensive use and hard-handed treatment are part of the course.

The Pressalit Projecta Solid Pro comes ready assembled with the seat for direct fitting onto the toilet. Thanks to the Solid Pro’s reversible fittings and mounting discs, the toilet seat can be fitted to a wide range of toilet bowls.

Pressalit’s Projecta Solid Pro toilet seats come in black or white, with or without lid and in a Uni or D-shaped variant. The Solid Pro fitting is also available without soft close with the same high strength and stability. The Objecta Pro variant is the same seat, but designed for mounting with universal or fixed hinges.