The Australian Quick-Step laminate flooring range has been streamlined into a three-tier range to simplify selection for consumers based on personal look and budget.

The three laminate flooring ranges, Classic, Eligna and Largo feature the innovative and dynamic Quick-Step quality and technology as well as natural and chic aesthetics. Customers can make their selections from the three ranges based on plank sizes, finishes, colours and personal taste.

Classic laminate flooring

Featuring stylish designer colours, realistic impression edges, Uniclic patented technology, 20-year warranty and Scratchguard surface, the elegant Classic range is an entry-level option available in seven glorious hues including the all-new Merbau planks.

Measuring 120cm x 19cm, the Quick-Step Classic range will suit any living area of the home.

Eligna laminate flooring

Quick-Step’s flagship product, the exquisite Eligna collection epitomises beauty, liveability and tasteful elegance. This laminate flooring range showcases a natural variation by developing a difference in colour between each of the planks, providing light and dark pieces within one strip and creating 12 unit planks per design.

The Eligna collection is strikingly beautiful, thanks to the excellent balance between length and width. The no-joint design produces a very tight, geometric effect in the room. Even when two dark strips are clicked together, there are no white joints, thanks to a specially adapted production procedure.

Quick-Step’s Eligna laminate flooring is available in a choice of 19 strong hues in original and matt finishes, each showcasing the warmth and depth of natural oak. Ideal for bedrooms, living areas and kitchens, the weathered look of the Eligna range – the effect of natural cracks, woodworm and nail holes – enhances its authenticity. Easy to maintain, these laminate floors can withstand the wear and tear of everyday life.

Eligna Wide laminate flooring

Quick-Step’s Eligna range adds an extra dimension with the all-new Eligna Wide range featuring extra wide planks that show off their rustic pattern to the maximum.

Each plank measures 138cm long and 19cm wide, emphasising the weathered character of the floor even more.


The luxurious Quick-Step Largo collection combines fluidity and grace with quality and attention to detail.

Featuring the longest and widest planks in the entire Quick-Step laminate flooring range, Largo planks measure 205cm L x 20.5cm W, exuding class and excellence, and giving depth to create an extra sense of space in any room.

In addition to the unique grooves that match the character of the wood design and also add depth, Largo laminate flooring planks have no design repeats on the planks while the colour variation between the various planks render a natural effect. The subtle grooves are protected with the same wear-resistant laminate as the floor itself, which is based on Quick Step’s patented technology.

Ideal for bedrooms and living areas, the Largo collection is available in eight hues, including the Authentic Oak Planks from the exclusive Designers’ Choice range. The Largo collection features both original wood/stone and matt finish, with a choice of rustic and natural decors.

Quick-Step’s trifecta laminate range is available from Premium Floors .