Timber flooring must be complemented by the right kind of furniture to bring out its beauty.

From an eye-popping two-seater couch to a vintage side table or an eclectic coffee table, specific furniture pieces can consolidate a strong bond with the exquisite nature of timber flooring.

However, having too many furniture pieces in one room may potentially damage the timber floor. Leading flooring company, Quick-Step offers a number of useful tips to enable furniture and flooring to live in harmony.

Lightweight furniture comes up trumps

Timber flooring is at risk of scratching when furniture is moved around on a regular basis. Over a period of time, timber flooring starts to get dull and lacklustre in appearance. Quick-Step recommends lifting the furniture to move it to a new position rather than pushing it along the floor. Lighter furniture is easier to lift, and therefore more practical.

Contrast is king

Choosing furniture that is darker than the wooden floor is often recommended to maintain balance in the room and make the floor appear lighter as well as open up the space. Having the floor and furniture in a similar hue will make the room dull. Contrasting colours is advised – for instance, a lighter coloured hue of timber floor such as Quick-Step’s Blackbutt can be matched with darker or even lighter timber furniture.

Pad out the furniture

Furniture pads should be considered to reduce the risk of abrasions on the timber floor. The pads will act as a necessary weight buffer, even when furniture such as a sofa remains in one spot for long periods.

Made of felt or rubber, furniture pads tend to get thinner as the weight of the furniture rests on them. To make sure the floor is protected, furniture pads need to be replaced on a regular basis.

For the most part, the relationship between flooring and furniture is a dynamic and close one. Great flooring complemented by equally gorgeous furniture is a visual delight. However, care and consideration are needed to make sure that both the floor and furniture remain at their optimum.

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