Premium Floors  supplies premium adhesives and primers. Premium adhesives include parquetry adhesives, floating floor adhesives, cork tile adhesives and premium primers for cork tiles.

Bostik Ultraset is a flexible, solvent free, moisture curing polyurethane timber flooring adhesive. The adhesive is a solvent free formulation that requires no mixing and is ideal for adhering parquetry to concrete or timber sub floors. The adhesive is flexible, easy to spread and gives excellent acoustic properties.
Premium floating floor adhesive is a cross linked, D3 Grade, PVA adhesive which is specifically formulated for use with Readyflor and Country Plank. Premium floating floor adhesive provides excellent resistance to moisture and high bond strength. The adhesive sets within 5 to 10 minutes at 20 degree Celsius and reaches its maximum bond strength after 10 hours.

Kork Contact Adhesive is a water-based, natural latex contact adhesive that is formulated to offer excellent bond strength when adhering cork floor tiles to a prepared subfloor.

Premium Floors supplies primer called Fabgrip Neoprene Primer. The primer is a solvent based component which is designed to offer maximum bond strength by providing a non-porous and easy-bond surface.