Polytec ’’s wardrobe range comes in a variety of styles and finishes and is an essential ingredient when it comes to organising or concealing possessions.

Polytec supply a wide range of affordable wardrobe solutions that suit all budgets. Customers can choose from Polytec’s decorative and durable melamine board, striking aluminium framed glass doors or unique Createc ultra high gloss doors.

Customers can add interest to their interior design by combining melamine’s wardrobe colour range pallet and various surface finishes. The use of finishes such as melamine’s Eurograin, Finegrain and Sheen creates an eye catching wardrobe.

Aluminium framed glass doors create an elegant focal point in any room with four modern frames, inlaid with customers’ choice of glass insert. The aluminium range provides the ultimate blend of design functionality and visual appeal. All aluminium doors are inserted with laminated safety glass for a longer lasting finish and maximum scratch resistance.

Createc is a unique, ultra high gloss wardrobe that projects style and taste. The modern colour palette is designed to complement Polytec’s product range, giving the freedom to mix and match colours.

Polytec provide quality crafted doors with a range of colours, styles and surface finishes for all storage solutions.