Great interiors are created by achieving the right balance between light and dark tones in the design elements. The use of woodgrains in a commercial or residential setting not only is on-trend and stylish but also helps to create a nature-inspired sanctuary-like vibe.

Plank Floors has added a range of woodgrain tones to their flooring collection to broaden the designer’s imagination and introduce a dimensional effect in the interior space.

Light Woodgrains

Light helps to redefine dimension and space in an interior setting, regardless of its size. In a commercial environment, the use of light woodgrains in a high traffic area enhances the sensation of space and balance.

The Melbourne project, Lexus Design Pavilion designed by The big group creative showcases Plank Floors’ European oak range ‘Elmo’.

Lexus Design Pavilion

Dark Woodgrains

Dark woodgrains add warmth and luxury to any interior environment. Moreover, the inconsistency of elements such as knots and grains in a woodgrain lends drama and sophistication to the commercial or residential environment.

Selecting the right mix of light and dark tones from Plank Floors’ woodgrains collection not only creates an inspired balance in interior design but also adds a rich ambiance to the environment. In this multi-residential project Hampton, Rose Bay apartments designed by CSA Architects for Lords Group in Sydney, European Oak range ‘Delft’ by Plank Floors was used. 

Hampton, Rose Bay