Bricks from PGH Bricks & Pavers are driving a new transformation in home interiors with designers opting for edgy, contemporary finishes.

To meet the demand from new home buyers for lustrous, unique finishes in their homes, designers are showing a preference for glazed bricks for use in a number of modern additions including internal and external feature walls, water features and alfresco open fire hearths and pits. Builders and designers have the advantage of a broad palette to work with, given the variety of colours, textures and glazes now available in bricks.

Award-winning home builder, Modernview Homes recently used a selection of three bricks from the PGH ‘silver greys’ colour group in the construction of their new display home, The Aria. Jason Agresta, director of Modernview Homes explained that the bricks were an integral component of the build, enabling them to successfully layer a variety of products and elements to achieve the final results.

Nobel, a fully glazed black brick from the PGH Academy collection was used on the alfresco fireplace designed to be the dwelling’s focal point. The double-sided brick fireplace is a striking centrepiece that acts as a divider, screening the alfresco dining area from the outdoor lounge to create an intimate, cosy environment.

The display home also features the light grey Aluminium from the PGH Composite collection, which was selected to provide a neutral canvas while Pewter from the PGH Alchemy Collection forms the perfect backdrop for the integrated water feature at the home’s entrance with the metallic properties in the brick creating a stunning visual artwork.

Modernview Homes’s designer, Gerard Barton chose the glazed black Nobel face bricks to create a cosy and welcoming space that was also striking in design. He also appreciates the transformation of the brick from a purely external product to having a place among home interiors too.

Barton adds that the contemporary use of glazed bricks is gaining momentum with the demand growing due to the sustainability of bricks in both manufacture and energy-efficient home design.

Jenny Page, PGH Architectural Segment Manager comments that the display home project has certainly sparked interest in the innovative and inventive use of feature brick walls.