PGH Bricks & Pavers announces the release of the Lang Mursten range of long format bricks in Australia to meet a niche demand from architects for unique building materials.

Exclusively imported from Denmark for the Australian market, the Lang Mursten range of extra-long format, water-struck clay bricks is defined by its sleek, elongated form; the rustic yet contemporary brick delivers an elevated aesthetic to luxury builds while still accentuating the raw, authentic beauty of clay.

PGH Bricks combines their technical superiority with a desire to design bricks suited to creative projects. The Danish are established leaders in furniture and home design, and masters at bringing contemporary twists to classic materials. The Lang Mursten range is no exception.

Manufactured using environmentally sound and sustainable practices by one of the largest and most renowned brick makers in Scandinavia with more than 100 years of traditional brickmaking expertise, the Lang Mursten range bears all the hallmarks of typical Danish design: edgy and stylish with exquisite craftsmanship that draws on the nation's heritage of high quality production materials.

The manufacturing process is quite delicate with extensive research and development going into the clay mixture to develop blends that meet the company's strict quality requirements, as well as a special machine being used to shape these bricks.

These extraordinary bricks promise high quality and individuality with their style, size and unique colour options providing homeowners with a look that's completely fresh within the residential landscape. Their long, thin form (468x108x38mm) accentuates the linearity of contemporary architecture while their gritty, textured finish offers warmth and personality.

Every brick features slight variations, delivering an imperfect, handcrafted look, which is achieved through the water-struck moulding process. The moulds are lubricated with water to keep the clay from sticking; once filled, the excess clay is 'water-struck' from the top of the moulds, giving the bricks their unusual texture and finish. The final result after firing is a textural patina that has never been replicated by any other brickmaking process.

The Lang Mursten range is available in four sophisticated colourways, named after famous Danish architects and perfectly on trend within the Scandinavian design world:

  • Gehl — a dramatic charcoal colour that is at once warm yet moody, with a matt finish and tonal variations for added depth and interest.
  • Lund — dark earthy hues blend with softer sandy ones to create a tactile, rustic finish.
  • Larson — for those after something lighter, Larson juxtaposes various shades of pale grey with a roughened, textured finish for a contemporary, natural aesthetic.
  • Utzon — warmer shades of clay are organically interspersed with its cooler counterparts to create a stunning tonal variation, coupled with an imperfect texture for a look that's extraordinary yet timeless.

"For the high net worth client seeking a custom residential design, for many years it has been a dry pressed solid brick that has been used in design to best suit this segment," says Jai Sanderson, general manager marketing for PGH Bricks & Pavers at CSR Ltd.

"However we listened to our architects' yearning desire for something new in brick to be creative with - something out of the ordinary.

"The Lang Mursten collection is our most luxurious brick range yet. Our team went beyond our shores to search globally for something that not only met the highest pinnacle of quality but also stood out as something uniquely different. We are thrilled to launch this new brick that is not only exceptionally elegant to design and build with, but delivers breathtaking colour and texture from the bespoke water-struck method of manufacture, creating an organically raw surface finish."