Architecture studio Vokes and Peters used several elements from nature as inspiration when designing the Wilston Garden Room.

Set in sunny Brisbane, the Wilston Garden Room was designed to create an intimate link between the house and backyard space. To achieve this design objective, the architects maximised the natural elements of light, air and garden.

Veering away from the ‘traditional’ home design, this Queenslander is more focussed on the kitchen, dining and living areas rather than the bedrooms and bathrooms. Vokes and Peters structured the house around several environmentally-conscious ideas, delivering their signature style in the process.

Bricks from the PGH Bricks Smooth range complemented the warm, nature-conscious elements of the home, alongside face brickwork floors. 

The Vokes and Peters-designed remodelled house offers a more welcoming atmosphere without compromising its inherent character. The Wilston Garden Room boasts large openings through the home, filtering natural light into each space, and allows control of public and private spaces.

Photographer: Christopher Frederick Jones