The architects of a new development in Footscray, Melbourne leveraged the depth and colour of bricks offered by PGH Bricks & Pavers to convey the contextual significance of the former industrial site.

The Banbury Village project developed by Cedarwoods is built on a former industrial site, and showcases the decorative possibilities of multiple building materials, particularly face bricks.

Located on the site of the former Olympic Tyre & Rubber Factory in the inner western Melbourne suburb of Footscray, the new development transforms a formerly derelict site of 5.7 hectares into a vibrant, medium density village featuring a diverse architectural landscape of detached two storey housing as well as three storey apartments and townhouses.

Architects dKO selected the PGH Bricks & Pavers palette of Blue Steel Flash, Haberfield and Black & Tan as the dominant face brick for the apartment buildings of the development, making bricks a key part of the apartment’s form and narrative.

The depth and colour range of the bricks are integral to the contextual setting, enhance the contemporary architecture of the townhouses, and provide a counterpoint to the predominantly brick veneer of the surrounding suburb of Footscray.

The Banbury Village project was selected as a Horbury Hunt Commercial Finalist in 2012.