Pure Linens, the latest range of clay bricks from PGH Bricks & Pavers, offers the ultimate design solution to architects seeking a stylish and contemporary yet artisan-style brick for their project.

Locally made in the small NSW Riverina town of Jindera, the Pure Linens collection brings the popular Sophisticated Neutrals look to life.

Results from the PGH Bricks styles quiz reveal that the Sophisticated Neutrals is the nation’s favourite look for a home’s exterior. Subtle, refined, quietly confident, highly liveable and timeless, the Sophisticated Neutrals trend has universal appeal thanks to its inherent adaptability that allows this style to suit a wide range of homes and lifestyles. Designers and homeowners seeking an understated, restrained and chic palette find a perfect match in Sophisticated Neutrals.

“Each brick boasts a beautifully smooth surface with a highly desirable colour-through quality, and has been specially created with modern, urban design in mind; essentially bringing the essence of the countryside to city dwellings,” says Jai Sanderson, general manager marketing at PGH Bricks & Pavers for CSR Ltd.

PGH has created four new mood boards for Pure Linens, enabling those starting new builds or renovations to use these style palettes to better visualise the final look of their home as well as ascertain what accent shades will work well with each brick.

All bricks in the Pure Linens range are exposure grade and breath-taking in their colour, texture and craftsmanship.

Cinders & Soot

A dark and dramatic hue that exudes understated style, Cinders & Soot offers a milder alternative to regular plain black bricks on the market. The colour is more cinder or soot-like with a blue-grey tonality. Positioned at the premium end of the range, Cinders & Soot is bold and striking, yet wonderfully tactile and soft. This brick is the ideal choice for homeowners seeking to make an elegant statement and raise the sophistication level of their streetscape.

Flannel Grey

An extremely versatile brick, Flannel Grey does full justice to the Sophisticated Neutrals look. With its pale grey colouring and cool tones, this brick epitomises understated elegance.

Pebble Creek

A warmer take on neutrals, this shade embodies a warmer-toned accent while maintaining a softer, light hue, which adds to the design flexibility.

Whispering White

A highly sought-after white brick variant that traces its origins to uniquely sourced Australian white clays, Whispering White consists of a special clay blend that’s fired in PGH’s Jindera facility to transform into a crisp, white colour-through brick that will lend homes an air of refinement and tranquillity.