Creating an alfresco living space for the home can be easy with the Gledswood Blend from PGH Bricks & Pavers .

From the PGH Dry Pressed collection, the Gledswood Blend bricks comprise of a mix of blue and brown hues. These bricks and pavers can be used for outdoor living areas in both modern and traditional spaces, with the blue hues creating a sense of refinement and timelessness, while brown hues add warmth.

The range of architectural dry pressed bricks epitomises brick manufacturing excellence. Dry pressed bricks are known as ‘solid bricks’, which age beautifully.

Dry pressed bricks are made by pressing clay into individual moulds at very high compression. They have a grainy, yet smooth, velvety appearance.

The dry pressed palette of bricks and pavers is designed to match bricks from the past as much as possible. Consisting of nine brick colour choices and a range of shapes, a modern showpiece can be created.

Tips for building with PGH bricks and pavers to enhance an alfresco area:

  • build an alfresco area by choosing PGH brick colours and textures for the external extension of your indoor living space that either match to the indoor living space or completely contrast to it. This depends on what you are trying to achieve – either a visual continuation from inside to outside or to make a bold statement
  • choose PGH brick colours and textures that are warm and inviting and enhance the space and atmosphere like blues and browns
  • add value to your property by investing in a timeless PGH brick collection that will age gracefully and sustain all weather conditions.