The Canberra Display Centre is now open after a complete design revamp. Opened 21 years ago, the centre features products from PGH Bricks & Pavers and Monier Roofing to showcase the exciting new possibilities for the humble brick and roof tile. 

Featuring a contemporary, functional and inspirational design, the renovation aims to make the process of selecting a brick and roof tile less daunting and more enjoyable. Tools and techniques have been developed over the years to assist Canberra’s homeowners in making important decisions about the look of their homes.

Michelle Gissel, General Manager – Marketing and Strategy, CSR Bricks & Roofing explains the Canberra Display Centre is all about making choice easier for homeowners in the region. Given that it could be difficult to choose a brick in isolation when one needs to consider colours for roof tiles, fascia, gutters and trims, the display of the complete product range assists homeowners and buyers with their selections. 

The Canberra Display Centre offers a colour consultation service, which provides help from their experts to mix and match different styles and colour combinations to create a complete external colour solution.

The external display area offers a more personal experience, allowing visitors to see and touch colours and textures in real life. Large display areas outside at the centre exhibit bricks, roof tiles and pavers in creative settings that are designed to showcase the different combinations available and experience them in life-sized examples. Take home samples are available from the Sample Shed.