In Australia, commercial project values are soaring, driving competition in the design and construction industry. At the same time, commercial spaces, alongside project budgets and timelines, continue to shrink. Looking to set themselves apart from the competition, design and construction professionals are seeking innovative solutions that enable high performing, cost-effective and space-saving commercial designs. Brick rail systems are one such solution, enabling the use of brick to solve design dilemmas that are common in today’s commercial environment.

'The emergence of lightweight brick solutions' is an essential look at the practical and design benefits of brick rail systems for projects with time, budget and space constraints. To begin, a discussion of commercial design trends in Australia is provided, followed by an overview of brick rail systems. The benefits of brick rail systems are explored, specifically design flexibility, authenticity, ease of installation and removability. Finally, the whitepaper introduces a new brick rail system that enables designers to achieve the look and feel of real brick without the weight, space or cost issues.

Since 1958, PGH Bricks has been a leading Australian manufacturer of high quality clay bricks and pavers. Across the residential, architectural and commercial sectors, PGH Bricks is synonymous with quality, performance and a commitment to delivering innovative solutions that respond to the changing needs of the Australian construction industry.

Download this whitepaper to see how brick rail systems can deliver outstanding designs for commercial projects even when cost, budget and space are limited.