Nullifire SC902 ‘fast track’ Hybrid intumescent basecoat was specified for the heritage structural steel components during the restoration of the old Commonwealth Bank Building in Sydney.

Located at 5 Martin Place, Sydney, the iconic Money Box building was built in 1916 to house the headquarters of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. It was also one of the earliest buildings to use a structural steel framing system during construction.

During its restoration, Nullifire’s SC902 Hybrid intumescent basecoat was selected to provide fire protection to the structural steel components of the building due to the unique surface tolerant properties of the coating. The steel, which required a 120-minute FRL performance, had minimal surface preparation due to its prior encasement in concrete ceiling beams.

The intumescent coating’s rapid, high build and fast cure properties delivered quicker access to other trades at the project site. The thin film coating allowed sufficient clearance for positioning of services to the underside of the ceiling areas, which had very restricted heights.