Electrical tools designed by Paslode Australia have many unique features. They do not require compressors and come with a top loading tool, possessing a quick and clear nose design. These tools are robust and powerful in action. Some of the electrical tools have the option of back loading and are attached with a trigger lock, ideally suited for window manufacture and panelling. All the electrical tools are versatile, and serve multi purpose functions.

Paslode Australia manufactures bradders which are available along with a carry case, thereby allowing for easy handling. Bradders are reliable and powerful and are available as side loading, top loading as well as front loading. Bradders are lightweight in nature and they are well balanced equipment. Some of the bradders have a trigger lock along with a comfortable rubber grip.

Impulse tools from Paslode Australia, are cordless and hence do not need a compressor. They are lightweight and have the ability to drive C &ND brads. These tools can be installed very quickly and easily. Some of the impulse tools drive angled brads while few others come with lock out features. Coil nails possess dual trigger function and can be loaded very easily and quickly and are ideal for many applications such as cladding, decking, fencing, flooring, ply bracing and strapping.