Parisi Bathware  supplies different models of toilet suites and pans like Envymark 2, Flute suite, Frozen suite, Niagara link suite, Sorrento suite, Edge wall face pan and many more. Envymark 2 is a wall faced suite which has a rectangular shape with curved edges. It also consists of an easy close seat.

Flute suite is close coupled suite having a very unique shape. It consists of a rectangular box rimmed pan, heavy grade seat, narrow cistern and a china saddle connected to the rear of the pan. This forms a landing for the cistern to be mounted and supplied with a Flute seat.

Frozen toilet suite provided by Parisi Bathware has a rigid geometry such as squared edges and flat surfaces. Niagara link suite is a wall faced suite which possess a strict geometric styling similar to Frozen toilet suite. Sorrento wall faced suite is an elegant suite which can have either back or bottom inlet. Edge wall faced pan has an angular shape having a base of 350mm which maximises the amount of visible tiled area.

Parisi Bathware also provides various models of bidets like Edge bidet, Flute bidet, Frozen bidet, Link bidet, Terra bidet, Link wall hung bidet, Mini link wall hung bidet, Spin wall hung bidet. All these bidets are designed to compliment the different models of pans.