Old-style incandescent light bulbs will start to be phased out from the end of next year as they are extremely inefficient users of energy. The Halogen Energy Saver range, available from OSRAM Australia , is a direct replacement for the old-style incandescent light bulb.

The range will provide all the features of the old incandescent, but in a light that uses much less energy, reducing the impact on the environment and saving consumers money at the same time.

The Halogen Energy Saver range is available in the classic bulb, candle and spotlight reflector shapes. The range is available in Bayonet Cap (BC) and Edison Screw (ES) versions, making the new range ideal for virtually every light fitting.

Most of all, all the shapes being offered are based upon the wattage used in Australia. The Halogen Energy Saver range is also available in low voltage including the dichroic (known as downlights) and the bl-pln shapes.

The classic Halogen Energy Saver range lasts on average twice as long as the incandescent light bulb (2,000 hours) and saves up to 30% energy. The low voltage Halogen Energy Savers last up to 5,000 hours and also save up to 30% energy.

Advantage of using the Halogen Energy Saver range:
Although the Halogen Energy Saver lamps are not as efficient as the Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) (30% versus 80%), they offer the same light characteristics as the regular incandescent light bulb - so they give out the same warm light that many people prefer to a CFL, and can be used anywhere people currently use standard light bulbs.

The Halogen Energy Savers can also be used in dimmable lights, unlike most CFLs currently on the market. The Halogen Energy Saver range is produced with eco-friendly materials, including 20% recycled glass, and they contain no mercury.

The Halogen Energy Saver range is produced with eco-friendly materials including 20% recycled glass and can be safely disposed of with minimal environmental impact. The Halogen Energy Saver range contains no mercury. The Halogen Energy Savers are fully recyclable and they already contain 20% recycled glass. They do not contain any dangerous materials.

There are no special requirements for the disposal of the Halogen Energy Saver range. Users can dispose of them the same way they would a normal light bulb.

OSRAM Halogen Energy Savers can be purchased from selected retail outlets, hardware and electrical wholesaler stores nationwide.