Orion Solar Pty Ltd  has become a specialist supplier of obstruction lights to meet a range of conditions and regulations.

Orion Solar provide lights to meet Low Intensity, Medium Intensity and High Intensity obstruction lighting, depending on the height and location of the obstruction, with beacons that are hard wired or off-grid solar powered.

It is often a CASA requirement for cranes to be lit with hazard lighting to a specified intensity during construction. In other cases the entity responsible for the construction is required to light the obstruction with a recognised duty of care.

Orion’s obstruction lights were used recently on the cranes being used at the new Gateway Bridge construction site located near Brisbane Airport. A big advantage to the crane operator is that the obstruction lights are easy to install and require no wiring. The obstruction lights are also immune to any electrical grid failure.

Most high rise buildings and towers require some form of obstruction lighting during and on completion of construction. Orion Solar can supply an obstruction lighting solution with either solar powered LED beacons or retrofit of existing L810 fixtures with LED units. Solid state LED lighting provides energy saving, long life and a reliable alternative to traditional forms of lighting.

Orion Solar can offer advice on obstruction lighting requirements.