Ontera Modular Carpets’ Inspace Baseline D modular loop pile carpet was recently specified by Architectus for installation at the Queensland Emergency Operations Centre at Kedron Park.

Inspace modular loop pile carpets are 100% nylon and are available in a wide range of contemporary colour palettes that are vibrant, suiting any contemporary interior.

The Queensland Emergency Operations Centre (QEOC) at Kedron Park incorporates best practice technology for the management of emergency communications and disaster coordination to the state.

Architectus created a complex that is simple, efficient and calming, ensuring ideal conditions for Centre staff that have to deal with the needs and situations handled on a daily basis.

QEOC is integrated with existing buildings on the site and has been designed with landscaped courtyards situated between the complex’s operational buildings to create a ‘campus’ feel.

More information on the Inspace range of modular carpets is available from Ontera Modular Carpets.