Available from Online Lighting , LED Downlights provide an energy saving and efficient source of light that is suitable for numerous applications. Crompton Lighting’s XL LED downlights offer excellent quality and with custom designed features.

These LED downlights are designed in Australia for Australian conditions and have been registered under the Solid State Lighting Luminaire Quality Scheme.

The custom designed inner locking ring of these LED downlights enables the fitting to be secured on a tilt. Fitting cannot be retrofitted with a standard MR16 Halogen Lamp, which allows for a full energy star rating.

An LED controller can be used on a dimmer switch or dimming circuit of either the leading edge or trailing edge type and the light output offered by these LED downlights is similar to the output of most FNV MR16 Halogen Lamps.

Crompton KLED12 LED downlights feature a ‘wind back’ function, meaning that when the maximum surface temperature reaches 75°C, the fitting will start to ‘wind back and dim the light output rather than completely cutting out.

These LED downlights are C-Bus compatible.