At a time when service demands get higher and higher and hotels need to differentiate through continuous innovation, Onity is offering another way for hoteliers to make an impact on their guests.

The capabilities of proximity technology are already known and widely used in different environments but now Onity extends its power to the hotel industry.

The Onity HT Prox Lock features radio frequency technology, communicating with the keys through an embedded chip and antenna. This eliminates the need to insert the card in the lock, making it much friendlier for the guest.

Developed specifically for the hospitality industry, the Onity HT Prox lock is suitable for hotels that wish to offer a tech-touch, enhancing their status, as well as Hotel Resorts for which the flexibility to choose custom key shapes is convenient, i.e. wristbands, tokens, stickers, etc.

On top of that, the fact that HT Prox includes the word open in Braille and a buzzer, turns it into the suitable electronic lock for disabled people.

"We are extremely excited about rolling out this revolutionary new product," said Mark Babcock, EMEA Vice President of Onity.

"We have always spearheaded efforts to develop high-quality, stateof-the-art technology that offers innovative solutions for hotels of all descriptions. We believe that HT Prox, working with ISO-standard non-proprietary cards, is the first of a new multi-application platform, with endless future projection as the technology is widely shared”.

“Perhaps the most exciting aspects of HT Prox are its speed and the battery life” said Aitor Agueda, Director of R&D. “With a reading speed of 210 ms (milliseconds), well below the 350ms Magic Line, Onity’s HT Prox Lock is the fastest in the market. The “magic line” is defined as the keycard reading speed above which guests will not be able to “intuitively” use the technology, and will be rather frustrated.

Onity’s ultra-fast reading ensures successful opening at the first attempt, avoiding guest frustration. The difficulty of this development was to provide this speed ensuring at the same time a battery life of more than 2 years using 4 standard AA batteries. We are very proud of this achievement and are sure that our customers will also appreciate it.”

This technology is suitable for the more than 20,000 hotels already equipped with Onity electronic locking systems, as Onity HT24 and HT28 Smart locks can be easy upgraded to feature proximity technology at a competitive cost.

In fact, it is also possible to combine HT Prox locks with other Onity HT24/28 locks at the same hotel, working under the same system. This enables the hotel to benefit from the proximity features where needed (VIP Rooms, Rooms for disabled people) and the low cost of magnetic cards used for the rest of the locks.