Onity  has announced that Advance, its latest innovation in security design and technology, is now in full distribution worldwide.

Advance is an entirely new electronic locking solution that offers a wide range of flexibility in both aesthetic design and operational features. The newly developed electronic lock features a unique, modular, two-piece design that minimises hardware on the guestroom door.

A wide selection of attractive finishes, interchangeable handle styles, and cover plates allow hotels to seamlessly blend the locks into the overall design of the property.

The Advance solution also offers dual upgradeable technology, so that, as security technology continues to advance, upgrades and retrofits are both simple and affordable.

Onity, one of the world’s leading providers of electronic locking solutions, is part of UTC Fire & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp.

Developed through extensive R&D that included detailed scientific data, as well as feedback from a broad spectrum of hoteliers, guests and design professionals, Advance by Onity builds upon the proven reliability and convenience of the current generation of electronic locks. However, it is designed to satisfy the needs of today’s hotels and their guests in innovative new ways.

Research Project

The unique product development process that resulted in Advance was based on cooperative research with industry professionals worldwide. This extensive research project involved gathering feedback from all segments of the hospitality industry, including not only hotel and security executives, but also design professionals, such as interior designers and architects, and hotel guests.

Onity’s research showed that the hotel corridor is the first impression guests have of the guestroom, and that is where lock manufacturers can help by improving the style and functionality of their lock designs.

“What we learned from the study we conducted is that decision-makers in the hotel industry are ready for the electronic lock industry to evolve. That meant developing a lock that improves aesthetics and ease of use, without compromising security. We took that a step further and produced a lock that is not only beautiful and functional, but technologically advanced and with unsurpassed security,” said Oliver.

Human factors and ergonomics

During the development of Advance, the Onity team began with a thorough assessment of the human factors in electronic locking - more commonly described as ergonomics. Ergonomics is not only a look, on the contrary, it is a physical and psychological interaction between user and product, intuitiveness of use, and overall comfort of the person using the product.

With that in mind, Onity has patented a new Groove and Arrow design for the keycard and electronic lock that drastically decreases the incidence of human error during the insertion process.

“What we found was that the grooved readers and keycards scored 276 percent higher for ‘inserting the keycard in the correct position the first time’ than those without grooves and arrows,” Oliver said.

Getting a Lock on Quality Standards

Advance by Onity will be compliant with the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA)/American National Standard Institute (ANSI) A156.25 grade 1 standard for electrified locking devices.

ANSI/BHMA standards are written descriptions and criteria that precisely define the operation, performance characteristics, physical properties, test values, usage parameters, and safety criteria of specific types of builders’ hardware products.

To become certified as compliant with these standards, the locks endured a variety of tests, including a break-in test, testing for operational function, slam cycle, security strength, high-voltage shock, temperature extremes, corrosion, moisture, dust, and salt spray, as well as a full battery of electrical function tests.