The Splashback Design Centre has been created by Old World Tiles to help clients design beautiful and unique kitchen splashbacks from their extensive range of imported handmade, hand painted ceramic tiles and trims. It is easy for anyone to design their own kitchen splashback feature full of old world charm.

All tiles from Old World Tiles have matching field tiles so it is simple to complete an entire splashback design without the problems involved in sourcing matching field tiles.

These beautiful tile splashbacks are created by pairing handmade, hand painted tiles and trim from the imported range, bringing charm and colour to the focal point of the kitchen – the splashback. Old World Tiles’ large selection of ceramic tiles is ideal for creating a European or American style kitchen.

Many feature designs on splashbacks are intended for use above the cooktop or oven. Old World Tiles has created standard sized splashback features complete with pricing so it is easy to calculate how many tiles and trim pieces are required and the price for creating a beautiful, one-of-a-kind splashback. Simply select the decorative tile or mix of tiles, the trim, the tile layout and the size of the splashback feature.

Those that are unsure of their splashback design are welcome to contact Old World Tiles with their selection and they will create a graphic that displays exactly what has been selected to ensure the splashback feature is just right. Should the splashback not be of a standard size, measurement can be sent to Old World Tiles and they can advise the amount of ceramic tiles and trim required that are required.

A splashback feature using Old World Tiles is full of charm, style and grace.