Océ-Australia Limited branches out into colour with the introduction of the Océ TCS500 wide format colour print, copy and scan system. A successor to the popular Océ TCS400, the new printer sets faster printing standards, outputting an AO colour plot in less than a minute and a monochrome plot in only 40 seconds.

The Océ TCS500 is a true innovation from one of the world's leading suppliers of professional printing and document management systems. Firstly, Dynamic Switching Technology automatically determines the best print strategy for each part of a print job, thus providing the best possible print quality without sacrificing productivity. Similarly, Océ Direct Scan Technology eliminates warm up time and improves copy quality through Océ patented Image Logic.

The Océ TCS500 is available in one, two or three roll configuration with automatic switching options, providing the ability to use different size rolls or different media on each roll. Print jobs can be configured to switch between rolls even on overnight and unattended print jobs. In addition, the ability to predefine templates saves time in handling recurring copy and scan jobs, allowing complex operations to be performed at the push of a single button.

This is a great addition to Océ’s already large range of wide format printers and plotters that incorporate the TDS black and white plan printer range and the TCS wide format colour equipment. Océ also offers a range of Small Format printing equipment, media supplies, document management software and innovative products in the areas of system integration, outsourcing of document management activities and leasing of machines. It is another way in which Océ enables its customers to effectively manage their document workflow.