Oce-Australia  Limited has introduced an intelligent and accurate issue management system to help you get the right document in the right place at the right time.

Organisations are spending an increasing amount of time managing issues in the distribution process.

As a result, trained design professionals are spending more and more time administering a system, rather than fulfilling the creative (and revenue generating) part of their role.

As the collaborative nature of projects develops it demands more detailed and complex process of managing information sharing throughout the project teams.

The effects of distributing the wrong revision can be catastrophic resulting in costly mistakes, delays on the project and potentially missed deadlines. This is where the Océ Digital Distribution Manager comes in.

Océ Digital Distribution Manager is an application that will streamline the document distribution process by enabling users to automatically issue required information to the desired recipients at the click of a mouse.

Océ Digital Distribution Manager ensures that organisations get the right information in the right place at the right time with minimal effort. This is essential as mistakes can be costly not only in monetary terms but also in loss of time and reputation.

Companies that have implemented Océ issue management solutions are already enjoying huge operational gains; these include time savings of up to 80% as well as increased staff productivity, improved accuracy of document tracking, less mistakes and reduced print costs.