Océ - Australia  recently released a new line of office colour multifunction printers featuring the latest technology and functionality. To complement the Océ VarioLink 5522c and Océ VarioLink 6522c released earlier this year, Océ now offers the Océ VarioLink 4255c, and the Océ VarioLink 3622c.

Rächel Geurts-Achouak, International Product Manager for the Océ VarioLink colour machines, said the improved environmental soundness of the new multifunction printers is in direct response to customer wishes. Another new feature is the web browser enabling mobile office workers to print on the run.

The new range of Océ VarioLink multifunction printers offers improved environmental efficiency – including lower ozone, heat and sound emissions – compared to other systems on the market. Other optional features such as Océ PRISMA®enterprise and Océ PRISMAstart software help the new multifunction printers integrate smoothly into existing office workflows. State-of-the-art security features protect sensitive company information.

Océ began upgrading its colour multifunction printers in March 2009, when the Océ CS240 was replaced with the Océ VarioLink 5522c and the Océ CS250 with the Océ VarioLink 6522c. A third new multifunction printer was launched in September. These plus the three multifunction printers currently being launched constitute an entire new line of office colour multifunction printers equipped with the latest technologies.

The new Océ multifunction printers include many ease-of-use and cost control features:

  • Copy templates
  • User box technology with thumbnails, job combination and job editing
  • Touch-and-print support from the print driver
  • Mobile phone print support
  • Pull printing over the network
  • On-board web browser with a customizable user interface