The new Oc� Australia 550 GT is the fastest display graphics printer of the popular Océ Arizona Series of UV flatbed printers. It is able to print twice as fast as other Océ Australia models and with superior image quality, using the patented Océ VariaDot imaging technology.

The display graphics printer reaches out to high capacity print providers, such as companies that print larger jobs of graphics for sign and display applications, and who also require total or peak capacity to be met. It can maintain more than 40 square meters of high quality printing per hour, or approximately 100 full-size boards per eight-hour shift. Unlike most high capacity flatbed printers, the Océ Australia 550 GT display graphics printer has an image quality that can be used for closely viewed point-of-purchase signage, as well as for printing on transparent media for use as illuminated backlit signs (eg. Those in the cosmetics section of large department stores).

The Océ Australia 550 GT UV flatbed printer utilises a vacuum system to ensure media stationary remains on a flat surface and accurate registration is even.