Creffield Digital Print have turned the challenge of the looming economic downturn into an opportunity by installing the first Océ ColorWave 600 printer, available from Océ – Australia .

Victoria’s oldest plan printing company, Creffield Digital Print installed the Océ ColorWave 600 wide format printer to pursue new market opportunities.

Creffield Digital Print Managing Director Frank Veltman sees the installation as crucial in helping the company to diversify into other markets. “With the economic downturn, there’s no doubt our traditional base will contract to some degree in the next 12 months but we have been looking at diversification for some time, particularly into the short-run colour markets, such as retail and entertainment,” says Frank Veltman.

“We’re seeing new customers who demand quality colour materials with fast turnaround at competitive prices. With the Océ ColorWave 600, we are in an ideal position to deliver these. A solid percentage of our output is now in posters, which we need to supply at highly competitive prices without sacrificing colour or speed.

“The Océ ColorWave 600 builds on this ability. In just 30 seconds it can output an A0 print that’s waterfast and has no stipples or banding.

Océ CrystalPoint technology also offers significant environmental benefits. The solid Océ TonerPearls used in tonergel jetting release no ozone, odour or fine powder. Furthermore, because it prints an even semigloss finish on uncoated paper, the technology reduces the use of paper coatings that impact on the environment.

“It enables us to pursue an environmentally friendly course by printing onto recycled and Australian-manufactured plain paper stocks.” Creffield Digital Print are committed green suppliers and members of Greenfleet.

“We always point out to our customers that they are supporting Australian industry and environmental sustainability when they buy from us.

“And, of course, it helps enormously when you can show recycled samples to government customers, who are the most environmentally demanding and always seek to have their jobs printed on recycled papers.”

What Creffield Digital Print does is always of interest to the printing industry in Melbourne. The company is something of an institution, having been established 120 years ago and still going strong through countless technology changes and despite innumerable economic downturns.

Frank Veltman says Creffield Digital Print have owed their survival for such a long time to early adoption of new technology. “We see the Océ ColorWave 600 as a continuation of this philosophy,” he said.