Building a business into a successful operation takes a lot of time and effort. The continued success of the business depends on the effort the business owner is willing to invest to ensure their assets work as hard as possible going forward.

For instance, a business’ responsibility doesn’t end with the supply and delivery of a product or service. Ongoing service will ensure customers return for a repeat purchase. When this happens, the business’ cost of customer acquisition goes down, while their value to the business goes up.

If you are considering the replacement of your flooring surface – be it a commercial floor, a wet room floor, or a non-slip ramp – calculate how much it will cost you by totalling up the upfront payment, long-term maintenance costs, cleaning costs and the cost of any downtime during installation.

Very few people consider the cost of downtime at the time of installation. If the business has to be closed for a couple of days, the total cost of laying that floor increases exponentially.

To address this problem, Remedial offers an afterhours flooring installation service, with the installers coming in when the business closes up for the day, and working through the night to install the floor, keeping it ready the next day.

Before planning a new floor for your operation, make sure you weigh up the true cost of the floor, and assess its value.