Commercial timber flooring is the ideal choice for new projects as well as renovations involving the installation of a new floor in pubs, clubs, workspaces, retail stores, offices or even large public spaces such as museums, galleries or sports centres.

Your final choice for the flooring will be decided on the basis of a number of factors such as appearance or style as well as functional aspects such as the impact of activity, dampness and temperature changes. If you’re looking for a distinctive look that will be durable and satisfying on the eye, commercial wood flooring is your answer.

In Australia, oak is the most commonly used hardwood flooring in both commercial and residential applications. Oak is famous for its quality, strength and durability, and offers a host of wood flooring options including pre-finished or unfinished engineered oak flooring as well as an extensive range of board width options because of the span of the oak tree.

However, if your flooring project involves a business space that will probably have high footfall or be exposed to significant humidity or temperature changes, you could consider other thick hardwoods such as the UltraFloor range from Nufloors Australia.

UltraFloor range timber is supplied with a dark colouring and a characteristic partridge pattern in its grain. UltraFloor is a French oak hardwood, which is naturally durable but comes in a broader natural colour range, from blonde tone colourations to reddish brown tones. One of the unique characteristics of UltraFloor is that it will span over joists and gaps just like a solid hardwood floor.

Once you have chosen the most appropriate wood alternative for your floor, you have to make a decision on the right finish. Picking the correct finish for your commercial wood flooring is a decision that should be made based on the installation framework, foot traffic, and temperature and humidity conditions that the floor will be exposed to every single day. Making the right finishing choice will help your floor look beautiful and last longer.