NECA, the National Electrical and Communications Association, is the peak industry association for the electrotechnology industry. NECA represents over 5000 contractors throughout Australia.
A key objective of NECA is to provide leadership, advocacy and communications activities. In other words, NECA provides guidance and assistance to employers to lift the standards of the electrotechnology industry, while also fighting for the rights and interests of members and delivering critical information to ensure members are continuously aware of changes that impact the industry.
Workplace Health and Safety
At the forefront in this area by providing expert advice and assistance on legislation and regulations relating to Workplace Health and Safety to members, NECA offers the services of seven directly hired OHS experts and advisors across the network.
NECA has also developed industry-specific safety management systems to keep up with the constant changes in the legislation including the recently released NECASafe, which has been developed in accordance with the new Workplace, Health and Safety legislation.
NECA also provides site management plans and a multitude of Safe Work Method Statements.
Industrial Relations
Any employer will have difficulty keeping up with the frequent changes in WHS legislation. The Federal Government partnered with NECA for the introduction of both Workchoices and the Fair Work Act, recognising the ability of NECA to disseminate information to the electrotechnology industry through its national network of chapters and branches.
NECA’s industrial relations experts and solicitors are also ready to provide guidance and advice via telephone or email. NECA can also provide businesses with all of the documentation needed to manage all aspects of engaging and terminating an employee.
NECA frequently represents its members in all state and federal industrial jurisdictions in matters such as unfair dismissal, underpayment of wages claims and restraint of trade among others.
NECA also actively represents the industry in enterprise bargaining, fighting to gain the best possible outcomes for members.
Contracts and Commercial Advice
NECA has established a low cost law firm to ensure that members have access to legal assistance.
NECA Legal has successfully recovered millions of dollars on behalf of its members literally saving many members from financial ruin. It has reviewed countless contracts for members, providing advice to avoid the pitfalls of biased construction contracts.
NECA also lobbied the Government and was instrumental in the development and introduction of the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act. The organisation is also actively advocating for the protection of contractor retention payments by having them paid into trust accounts and seeking to have contractors elevated to priority creditor status where builders become insolvent.
Training the Industry
NECA has established Group Training Companies in every major city in Australia. In addition, NECA has established a number of Registered Training Organisations that are responsible for delivering post trade training to the industry. These measures will ensure the future of the industry is safeguarded with highly trained electricians.
Insurance for the Industry
Through its partnership with Interrisk, NECA offers the NECA Guard insurance product developed specifically to meet the needs of NECA members. The savings that can be made by utilising this product alone will offset a large part of the total amount paid as membership subscriptions by NECA members. The added professional indemnity insurance also provides members with the assurance that they will be protected for many unforseen risks.

This article has been provided by NECA NSW .