Metamark, the premium UK-made Sign Vinyls and Digital Media, have a cost-effective range of window etches and window frosts. 

National Sign Systems have the full range of these self-adhesive vinyls in stock, in widths of 610mm, 1220mm and 1524mm.

Metamark range of window etches is as easy to work with. Easily wet-applied, these quality etches produce brilliant results when printed on – as well as their more traditional applications of privacy screening and decorative-cut effects.

The Metamark Etch Effect Vinyl range is a low-cost solution.

The Metamark Etch Effect Vinyl range is available in a choice of four different films, each with a solvent based adhesive:

  • ‘Frost’ for an authentic acid etched effect, particularly in shorter-term applications
  • ‘Dusted Etch’ where a slight etched result is required along with maximum light transmission
  • ‘Silver Etch’ for high level of opacity
  • ‘Crystal Etch’ with a subtle glitter effect, as an alternative to Silver Etch