The Norwell fitness equipment range from Moduplay Commercial Play Systems is based on a simple Danish design, with each piece visually enhanced with lines of curvature and balance suitable for natural and urban surroundings.

The Norwell range of fitness equipment really complements it's surroundings, wherever it is installed and communities in many parts of the world are already benefitting from the installation of Norwell Fitness Parks in their public spaces.

Offering four types of activity; strength, flexibility, cardiovascular, and balance, Norwell fitness equipment caters for every muscle group, as well as cardiovascular exercise and warming up and cooling down before and after training.

This fitness equipment has a unique colour coding system, with a band of colour that designates the type of exercise offered by each piece of equipment. Featured in the middle of these colour bands are descriptions indicating how to correctly use the piece of fitness equipment. Furthermore, a complete descriptive sign installed separately depicts the correct use of each piece with simple symbols and instructions.

The durability of the materials, the superior manufacturing processes, and the testing methods used in the production of Norwell fitness equipment ensure the best outcome possible for users. Many unique fittings and engineered pieces go into the Norwell range of fitness equipment to offer superior performance and longevity. Furthermore, Norwell equipment carries a 10 year warranty.

With 23 years in the industry, Moduplay Commercial Play Systems offer Norwell fitness equipment, confidence that it will meet the demands of the Australian market. Moduplay has been manufacturing premium play products for many years, and continues to grow its manufacturing division year after year.

Moduplay Commercial Play Systems decided to offer the Norwell range of fitness equipment to provide a complete Fitness Park package when combined with their extensive project management experience.

Moduplay is a dedicated play equipment manufacturer and is able to provide backing from their industry experienced team, along with their other products such as a full range of play equipment, shade and soft-fall material.