Construction sites in the post-pandemic era are required to adhere to strict social distancing rules. Where previously, a typical project site had hundreds of tradies working through day shifts to keep up with the construction program, many companies today have switched to 24-hour shifts to ensure trades can flow without compromising social distancing rules, delivery schedules or planned completion dates.

This demands efficient coordination of people and trades so that stakeholders can achieve project timelines despite the constraints. Therefore, gaining a few days in the construction program by adopting clever solutions can be a huge win for the project.

The Moddex assurance

For instance, when you select Moddex for your next handrail and balustrade installation, you will save critical days, saving up to 30% of manufacturing time and 50% of installation time when compared to traditional solutions.

Moddex’s fast kit-form handrail and balustrade solution is delivered complete with all components and an easy-to-follow installation guide. Additionally, every component is numbered and corresponds to the guide, avoiding confusion and time delays while giving a fully compliant result.

Rest assured, Moddex will ensure you get your order delivered on time, every time.

A testimonial from Moddex client Fulton Hogan: “Blown away with your service of this order, special shout out to Bahee for dispatching it in one day and Lachie for organising a different courier to get it to them overnight. The order was dispatched last Tuesday and got to site Wednesday, which meant they were able to get the stair handrails installed before the long weekend. The installation worked out well. Again, thanks for getting the handrail to site in such a limited time.”

Reliable supply: Components always in stock

With a reliable supply chain and carefully managed inventory, Moddex can give you the assurance that components are always in stock. We can deliver what you need, when you need it.