Time theft is a pervasive workforce management issue endemic at several Australian workplaces.

The average employee ‘steals’ about 4-5 hours per week from their employer, adding up to a full working week over the year. Employees steal time through casual internet usage, socialising with co-workers, tardiness, and personal phone calls as well as buddy punching (clocking in on behalf of friends), time clock theft (overestimating time worked on time cards) and long breaks.

Time thieves cost their employers a lot of money. This table shows how a very modest ten minutes of stolen time per employee per day after just one working week can add up to a substantial amount.

How can an organisation deal with the issue of time thieves?

One way to tackle the problem is by installing a Mitrefinch biometric fingerscan terminal at the workplace.

Mitrefinch biometric fingerscan terminals provide an accurate record of employees present at the workplace and the duration of time they are at the workplace. Once connected to the network, the biometric system is configured to reflect the shifts, wages, hours, departments, work rules and individual employees.