Pre-fabricated gang-nail timber connectors from MiTek Australia are suitable for time consuming construction projects. MiTek Australia has an electronic catalogue, EasyCAT that lists its gang-nail connectors. It can be downloaded from the company's website.

MiTek Australia’s products comply with Australian standards such as the AS1684, Residential Timber Framed Construction Code and the AS4440 Installation of Nailplated Trusses.

Gang-Nail connectors from MiTek Australia aim to make pre-fabricated construction simple by combining the latest structural engineering concepts, computer technology and automation. Gang-nail connectors are available in multiple forms to support diverse construction needs.

Some of the classes of gang-nail connectors from MiTek Australia include roof tie downs, hangers, small fasteners, wall frame ties, bracing, girder brackets, and special structural fasteners. Gang-nail connectors from MiTek Australia include Anti-plit, Back Brace, Batten Tie, Bolts, Ceiling Tie, Coil Tylok, Cyclone Tie, Fence Bracket, Foil Fastener, Framing Angle, Plate Tie, Split Hanger, Hurricane Tie, Truss Hanger, Truss Spacer, Wall Strap, Nails, and Nail Stoppers.

Gang-nail connectors are available in Trip-L-Grip, Minigrip, Multigrip, Trussgrip and Joist Strap models. Battel tiel Cyclone tie, Creeper connectors and Pergola brackets are also available from MiTek Australia.