TrussSpacers from MiTek Australia have been specifically designed to help installers working at heights to work in a more OH&S-friendly environment. However, for some the safety advantage, whilst welcome, isn’t the only benefit.

Ron Hume is a seasoned carpenter working under contract with Fairlight Homes in Sydney, and he uses truss spacers for a variety of reasons.

“TrussSpacers make trusses so much easier to install. They are such a simple, yet effective way of temporarily fixing trusses, and the job seems to go up so much quicker. I find they are especially handy when trying to erect large trusses.”

“We were first introduced to TrussSpacers by our (licensed) MiTek fabricator, Precision Frames & Trusses,’ added Ron.

The TrussSpacers’ unique pivoting end design is a popular feature with most builders. Unlike other, more cumbersome types, the MiTek TrussSpacer has a nail at one end and a multi-toothed connector (hook) at the other. This allows the truss erector to easily and effortlessly nail the TrussSpacer in at one end – then swing the other into place and fix with a few more hits of a hammer.

More information and technical data on truss spacers is available from the MiTek Australia website.