Timber fabrication plays an important role where steel construction is concerned, something Brendan Schneider, head detailer and estimator with licensed MiTek Australia  fabricator, Sunbury Wallframes & Trusses, recognises.

“Just because a project may have a large steel component, it doesn’t mean there’s no room for timber fabrication. In fact, a lot of solutions that can be made from timber are simply not viable in steel from a cost or engineering aspect. In many instances the two can work in harmony, creating an extremely cost-effective and creative result,” says Schneider. 

A good demonstration of how timber fabrication can benefit a construction can be found at a Super Clinic in Melton, about 30km north of the Melbourne CBD. This facility features an array of consulting, day-care, surgery, specialis, and waiting rooms, as well as post-operative wards, all housed under one roof. This example shows a unique marriage of steel and timber where over 200 low-pitch, Warren Trusses were required to make up the roof and needed to be fixed to the steel frame.