Oversized roof trusses were supplied by MiTek Australia for the local Apostolic Church of Queensland in Tarampa.  

After nearly 105 years of service to the community, it was decided to build a bigger church hall.    

The new church hall required 48 roof trusses, each spanning 17 metres. Oversized trusses can cause problems for some, but not for licensed MiTek fabricator, Trussmaster (Qld).      

According to John Cannard, Technical Manager with Trussmaster, the architect and builder were somewhat concerned about the oversized roof trusses.  

Trussmaster was able to enter all the data into their MiTek 20/20 program and demonstrate to them in full 3D detail how everything would come together. The software program also allowed Trussmaster to factor in wind loadings.  

Mr Cannard adds that while oversized trusses usually require larger timbers for top and bottom chords, they are not very difficult to manufacture.