MiTek Australia  fabricator Trussmaster (NSW) recommended TrussSpacers to a valued customer who wanted to improve onsite safety for their contractors working at heights.  

TrussSpacers are being used at a large unit development located in Ropes Crossing, 45km west of Sydney.  

TrussSpacers are innovative solutions used in the spacing and temporary holding of roof trusses during installation.  

TrussSpacers enable carpenters and builders to comply with the WorkCover NSW Industry Standard for erection of timber roof trusses.  

They also comply with AS4440-2004 requirements for installation of nail-plated timber trusses.  

TrussSpacers are fixed to trusses prior to lifting and sit flush with the truss chord while being lifted into position.  

They are then rotated 90 degrees to be effortlessly fixed to the adjoining, previously braced truss.  

The simplicity of these truss spacing solutions speeds up truss installation and roof construction while improving onsite safety for truss installers.