MiTek Australia  introduces a new version of the SplitHanger bracket range following a technical and manufacturing review.

The revised version of MiTek’s popular range of brackets features an updated look as well as fixing requirements with no change in the load data across all three models. The SPH220 will be the first of the three product lines to become immediately available and will be followed by the SPH140 and SPH180.

The changes in the redesigned SplitHanger brackets are aimed at speeding up and simplifying fixing.

Key changes in MiTek’s new SplitHanger brackets:

  • Removal of many unrequired nail holes
  • New square and round hole configuration all fixed with MiTek MSA1430 or MSA1465 anti-split self-drilling screws
  • Round holes used for nominal capacity fixing
  • Round and square combination used for high capacity fixing
  • Shortened bottom return flange makes it easier to fit 35mm members
All MiTek engineered building products are rigorously tested and guaranteed to perform to Australian Standards.