MiTek fabricator, AccuTRUSS took on the Port of Airlie (Qld) project shortly after their doors opened back in July 2009.

The new development had a massive underground car park hidden below an arcade of shops, an area set aside for port administration and several offices, two hotels and a few restaurants on the ground floor. Above that were more offices, then three more floors set aside specifically for residential living with more than 300 designer apartments including top floor penthouses boasting amazing views.

There were over 1,000 prefabricated timber trusses, some of them exceeding 15m in length and over 4.3m high. More than 140 cubic meters of timber and in excess of 10,000 MiTek connector plates were used.

Wind-loadings of C3.5 had to be factored into the engineering; resulting in the larger timber trusses having to incorporate a 30 degree pitch with an apex greater than 4.0m. Tie-downs, fittings and some specially designed and engineered MiTek brackets were also used. Once fixed, over 300 lengths of 6m SpeedBracing was used to help secure the roof.

More information on the range of roofing products offered is available from the MiTek Australia website.